How to Make Animated Gif Banners Online Moves

Have you ever seen a picture that had animated gif extension? For example, you try to visit the site for free classified ads. There are so many ads that use shaped banner gif. Then how do I make an animated gif banner is?

There are several software that allows you to create animated banner moving like Adobe Photoshop CS2, but you have to spend a little time to learn to make the banner. Now, you do not need to bother learning photoshop tutorial to make a banner, because there is a free online service that helps you make a banner with ease. The site is:

With you will easily make a banner without trouble, just click there click here, so deh gif animated banner that can move.

Animated Banner Tutorial How to Make Moving with

1. Prepare some images that will become a banner
2. Go to site

In there are some menus you'll use is: Select images, Size, and Speed. The options have different functions, the following explanation.

Select images: serves to select images that will be the animated banner moving. You can set which image will appear first in a way sort, there are 10 vacant spots maksudnyaadalah you can make 10 regular picture into a gif image. You do not need to set up 10 images to fill the empty spot. Enough with the 2 pictures you can create a banner gif. My advice is to spend just 3-5 pictures are quite interesting :-)

Size: serves to determine the size of your banner, here are the options available 4 300x .. 100x 120x ... ... as well as custom. Usually animated banner sized 125 × 125, if you want to make a banner measuring 125 × 125 select the custom option and then input the number 125.

Important: you have to resize the image width to 125 because will use the default image width and if the size of your image width 100pixel then your banner will be sized 125 × 100

Speed: functions to manage the size of the speed of your banner, there are 5 choices of Fast, Normal, Slow, Nice slideshow (3 sec) and custom. You can select the speed of change of image from the first image to the next picture, these are free, So please adjust your taste

3. After the image is available then the input image on the menu Select Images, determine its size from the Size menu, and set the speed of change of image from the Speed menu

4. Press Continue, moving animated banners you have created, press the download to your computer to download these files animated gif banners.

congratulations to create a animated banner moving online with 4 easy steps...


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