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Debby Ayu Profile :
Full Name: Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine
Nick Name: Debby Ayu
Place / Date of Birth: Bandar Lampung, August 7, 1988
Parents: Darilsyah. B & Darlisa
Film: The Threatening Prayer, kimpoi Contract Again MBA (Married By Accident)
FTV: Flowers, Do not Go From me, boyfriend Refill, Between me, You and Your Love
Sinetron: That, Achieving Dreams
Mobile phones: Nokia E90, Nokia E71, Nokia 8800 Arte &
Favorite Feature: Internet

Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine or commonly called Debby Ayu often look sexy. After playing in 'The Threatening Prayer', Debby appear bold in the 'Contract kimpoi Again' and 'Married By Accident'.
In 'Married By Accident' he acted as Stella, the girl who hooked HiperSeks mutually boys. Do not be afraid nicknamed bomseks artist?

Debby Ayu who are currently enrolled at the London School is not afraid to admit it got the nickname. For Debby, though to look sexy but still professional.


* "Doa Yang Mengancam" (2008)
* "Kawin Kontrak Lagi" (2008)
* "MBA (Married By Accident)" (2008)
* "Susuk Pocong" (2009)
* "Tiran: Mati di Ranjang" (2010)
* "Pengantin Pantai Biru" (2010)

Debby Ayu Foto Seksi :

Debby Ayu with Red Bikini


Debby Ayu Sexy Photo on Me Magazine

Movie stars Married By Accident (MBA) was trying to comply with the requirement to support the story and screenplay of his career.

"Origin in accordance with the needs of the scenario, and indeed the scene was necessary to support the story to make it more comfortable for viewing, I was not a problem," explained the model of today's magazines.


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