Secret Code For Blackberry

Blackberry is now rather scarce again, with complete features and applications that make smartphones are increasingly favored by the audience of sophisticated mobile phones. Well, for those of you who already use a Blackberry as a communications device and your multimedia, do not hurt you to try using the command codes that you can use to check various features available in this smartphone.

Here's a secret command codes that can be used:

ALT + NMLL = know the capacity of the signal bars
ALT + V A L D = verification Address Book
ALT + R B L D = remodel Address Book
ALT + RBV = see source code in a Webpage
ALT + left Shift + H = press to know the technical info that exist in the blackberry
* # 0 6 # = know the IMEI on the Blackberry
ALT + Right Shift + Delete = know the simulation capacity of the battery is full
ALT + LGLG = find logs that have been done in Blackberry
ALT + NUM / Aa / Cap + H = knowing the Access to Information PIN - IMEI - Vendor ID - Free Memory - OS Version
MEPD on Sim Card = check the status of locked or unlocked Blackberry
ALT + Cap / Aa = Right + DEL to restart the Blackberry being hangs


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