How to Reset Blackberry The error

When you mengistall or add an application or program for your Blackberry Blackberry suddenly you become an error or not as usual. The fix is to the merest blackberry. Here are a few ways to reset your BlackBerry:

Soft Reset, very easy way of pressing the ALT + Right Shift (CAP) + DELETE

Double Soft Reset, this process will terminate a program that runs on the Blackberry. easy enough, do Soft Reset (press ALT + Right SHIFT (CAP) + DELETE), after which the screen will be blank / black, after the screen is blank / black and then again press ALT + Right Shift (CAP) + DELETE and then the screen will be blank / Black back and will appear Sand Jam, wait until the Blackberry is ready for use again.

Hard Reset, which is easy enough to open the Blackberry battery for 30 seconds and then installed again, then the Blackberry will boot from the beginning.

Good luck ...


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