7 Ways to Save Electricity At home

From year to year in electricity tariffs set by the government increasingly rising, while the electrical load and the real, if we do not save electricity at home, then a monthly fee to pay bills listrikpun getting up, for it is how to remain frugal electricity consumption at home. following

THE day of your monthly electricity consumption bills more expensive? To fix this, simple habits can reduce the expenditure of electrical power, you know.

Consider the use of electricity-saving tip, as quoted by page eHow.

1. Turn off the room lights each time you exit the room.

2. Do not turn on tv, iron, hair dryer or turn on simultaneously.

3. Replace the bulb with an energy saving bulb. For example, milk-colored bulb that can save you 10 times better.

4. To be more efficient, make sure the house has a more comfortable temperature. Tilt the direction of the air conditioner 5 degrees up or down than usual. For example, if you're used to direct the air conditioner as much as 70 degrees, change it to 75 degrees.

5. Reduce hot water usage.

6. Use washing machine only when the laundry is a lot much. Then dry naturally in the sun.

7. Attach something that can isolate the hot and cold air out and into the house. This method can save on electricity usage. Tile paint with paint colors that do not absorb solar heat can help the condition in a cold house without the addition of the fan. (Lifestyle.okezone.com)


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