How to Reduce Stress

You stressed at the thought of office work that has accumulated? Or because of the high cost of living, while increasing your salary is not comparable with soaring food prices? Or because of the high cost of education of your children? Well, to reduce stress in the following ways this might help you:
  1. Listen to musi
  2. Laugh as often as possible by looking at books, movies and people who can make you laugh
  3. Consider having pets. 
  4. Massage, because massage can make you relaxed and refreshed
  5. Try to walk for 20-30 minutes every day. 
  6. Learning to communicate with people better. 
  7. Realize that you can never please setiaqp people and you can not possibly give every other person wants from you
  8. Rest assured that your plan realistic goals for yourself
  9. Schedule your time realistically.
  10. Eat regularly.
  11. Start your day by saying something good for yourself.
  12. Be assured that what you do every day diprehitungkan. Enjoy the time and stop living for tomorrow to devote attention to breathing, walking, and eating.
  13. Take a few moments to calm down.
  14. Always talk to someone if you have a problem you can not solve it.
  15. Before bed, Stare at the sky and think about who created.
Hopefully useful.
Source: Health Plus


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