Tips for Overcoming Dry Hair

Hair that is too often through chemical processing problems can arise, ranging from dry, damaged, and unsightly. Face the problem of dry and damaged hair due to excessive regulation with the following tips:

* Hydration is the most important. Perform maintenance with a hair mask once a week, apply on the hair shaft, let stand for several minutes, then rinse. Let your hair mask product that absorbs into the hair shaft and melembutkannya. For daily, you can use conditioner in the middle to lower end of the hair, select the appropriate type of conditioner to hair condition. This will help reduce the problem of hair tip branching, discoloration, and hair damaged by heat styling tools.

* Massage the head when you clean your hair with shampoo also can help to drain the blood circulation in the head and stimulates the oil glands. Stay away from hair products that contain high amounts of alcohol because it can add to severe drought.

* Avoid hair that is too tight, like a hair tie, bun, or braids that are too tight. Loose ties and hair accessories are not painful can also help prevent damage to the hair.

* Make all efforts to grooming as gently as possible. When in a state of damp hair, the hair is more vulnerable to damage, so reducing habits rubbing, combing, and hair menggelung being wet. Use rarely toothed comb to remove the tangled hair.

* Before restructuring, apply protective serum from the heat on your hair styled before or before the move in the sun. When using a hair dryer, use the lowest level to minimize the effects of damage and dryness of the hair.

* Cut off the ends of your hair every 6-8 weeks to reduce the effects and problems hair tip branching.


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