Semi Auto Generated Content For Blogspot - AGC

At this opportunity I will share some tips for bloggers who my friends again lazy or do not have much time to write and posts. In accordance with the post title "Semi-Generated Content"which can be defined by half of the "Auto Generated Content (AGC)". The point is that we only need to edit some posts that secata automatically entered in the "Entry List" Blog each of us. The following equipment temen blogger must provide:

1. Blogger Account
In this case must be clear Semi-Generated Content blogs that will be friends for the theme and contents where [Themes Blog]

2. Yahoomail Account
Used as a source of articles which will automatically fill in the "dafta entry" Blog Semi-Generated Content us.

 The steps are as follows:

1. Create a blog with a specific theme, for example, about "Islam"
2. On the tab "settings" select sub menu "email and cellular" like the image below:

3. At the option of posting input the email address which you wish, this email is a subdomain of the Google Email,, you can see in the image. In the picture above it is rppsilab google mail [at] with the email I fill sub arimatematika. So his email is rppsilab.arimatematika [at] Please note at the bottom of the image above check "save the email as an entry concept" for our trim before published. [this is what I mean by Semi-Generated Content For Blogspot, articles entered automatically, but will still need to edit manually so neat when we show in the posting.

4. After that you stay at a UK join yahoogroups with YahooMail account that already friends created. [more and more groups which followed, more and more articles which get listed in our blog entries]. Join the groups distinguished according to the theme Generated Content Blog Semi-be brother made​​. When you join fill in the email reply we have created in step 3. See screen shoot below

 But this blog is not I manage it well, because I want my blog which focus on education, blogging must focus and should focus into writing original content that would be better. May be useful :)


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