Search Tips Girlfriend By Zodiac

 foto berita artikelYou do not know how to attract the attention of the couple?  Let's see how the zodiac him.

1. ARIES (March 21-April 20) Tips to attract women Aries: Aries Women like men with a T-shirt and jeans, who appeared Manly & macho. Do not ever tell your ex boyfriend to her, because she wanted to be the one and only. Let them know he was really cool & fun! Woman's most fun. Remember, do not bullshit, because he most appreciates honesty. If he likes you, he is more aggressive and chase you in advance, aka make the first move. It may be that he'll shoot you first. So for the man who malu2 cat, you can be bothered later! How to attract Aries men: when first dating, let him who will decide what and where. For Aries man is a leader type, who fly if you praise. For example, you said if you've never met a man who PDnya so high and intellect like him. If you disagree with him, he can argue with you. Although you are right, still he will not budge. If he likes and chase you, let him take that step. Although you also like him, do not say so, until he is shot you first. She is adventurous in the world of his love. To get it, you should be able to take heart and be willing to obey his will.
2. TAURUS (April 21 - May 20) Tips to attract women Taurus: dating with her? You have to bring it into high-class restaurants, formal dress, cool, neat, plus sedan! Taurus woman love to be pampered with love hugs sign. She loves candle dinner at home, with "notes" you are cooking. Matre little huh? But the warm and loving heart! If you make him jealous and to fits of rage, he could be enraged! If you smoke or eat something unhealthy disconnect all, because he was a security-minded. Make sure that she feels secure with you, guaranteed he will not run away from you! Tips hook Taurus man: You'll often see a movie at home and can not be separated from the embrace killer. He is romantic and do not hesitate to take you to five-star restaurant. Taurus men have the nature of "imutnya teddy bear" if you speak love. Want to win her heart? Give him a surprise! For example: to help clean up the house. He likes women who tidy, neat and motherhood. He will be so proud if eg there is the event at his home with his friends, and will be very happy if you are cooking the food. He will boast of you in front of his friends that you're a great cook!
3. GEMINI (May 21-June 21) Tips to attract women Gemini: Gemini woman love a man dressed in casual and relaxed. Her hobbies talk and girl talk. For that you need a smart way, so you both can smooth communication. He does not like dumb & dumber! You will have extensive insight. If you are smart and creative, be assured, your points will go up. His mind was unpredictable, full of surprises! Women who are neat and organized. If you talk to exchange rings / wedding, just wait centuries to get it because they are not "easy". He fell in love with your brain first before on your own. Tips to attract Gemini men: Well here it is! The flamboyant coming! Gemini man sometimes a bit Lustful, easily aroused every close to you. So, be careful! Do not be impressed invite! He was agile, kids hanging out and many friends. Impressed once independent. Do not be fooled, he will not call you every day. They're funny, clever mix of fun and friends. Type marketing people who love to meet new people and PD all-out when appearing in public. Want to get it? Just relax. Let him pursue you. The more you sell expensive, the more he is chasing you. Ordinary, PD men are not satisfied if you do not get what he wants!
4. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Tips to attract women Cancer: His style is casual and slang. Take him to eat pizza, then ice cream, that's his hobby. If she cooked a meal for you, praise! Tell your family. She likes a man who is close to the family. Do not ever talk about / assess poor family! He will be very angry and direct illfeel against you! He's creative and artistic, motherhood and really fit so housewives later. He's clever take care of my potential future husband. His heart is soft and sensitive. If you are impatient and like to yell, do not approach women Cancer! Pity him. Cancer man to pick up tips: Cancer men are a bit stingy / very sparingly. If you go with him, have money for emergencies, for your kindness. Interest was on his hobby. He likes to eat. He is very stable on her love life and romantic. He'd rather give you a direct interest are picked and dirangkainya own. She also includes humorous. If you can make her laugh, she would love to continue to be near you. He was very fond of her mother because her mother was such a good friend. If you get it, meaning you get both of them!
5. LEO (July 23 -22 August) Tips to attract women Leo: Dating with it? Bring to a movie, a romantic restaurant or a classical concert. She likes that there are men who pay attention. He also liked to be jealous! It will also make you jealous! For him, jealousy is a compliment. She likes men muscular and masculine scent of perfume men, love continues to be praised. He liked a lot of people. You have to treat her right. If not, other people can get noisy! If you can take care or her in a financially and emotionally, he will continue on your sticky! If he was angry, the wish always obeyed and do not respond to angry or shout because his heart was so fragile. Tips to attract a man Leo: get a Leo man? It's good, because he's romantic and courageous sacrifice anything for you. Do not hesitate to spend money to take you to eat in expensive restaurants, despite being a mediocre. He's aggressive pursuit of women, more like direct show some affection to you, because you want to know immediately whether you also like him. He is self-sufficient and versatile, likes to show himself as a leader. Easily angry if you do not achieve the results he wants. For that you should be able to suppress it. She likes to dress sexy and feminine woman. He would rather pursue than be pursued women. Usually she would tell her love life in the past. Relax girls! So the listener just fine. If you are lazy to hear it, just say: yes yes yes ..
6. VIRGO (August 23 -22 September) Tips to attract women Virgo: do not be late to pick up the fist dating this sweet moment. Show modi and trendy can make her more attracted to you. Professional Virgo Women like men and hold, at least S 1. Somewhat shy, but that does not mean red light for you. He will be more daring when you take away a few times. He's a neat lady, but will not be motherly to your keberantakan after finish, although he also likes a neat guy. Do not stop trying to get it. It is rather difficult, because the quality of a man it is very important to him. He is very ambitious and career women in the future. Tips to attract male Virgo: Dating with it? Slowly Go girls! Virgo men are very cautious and respectable, not like crowds, but a romantic atmosphere. He tends to spend time on computers and other nerdy things. He does not like women to dress tacky, sexy, tembu view or patterned, but simple and decent. In a conversation with him not too hysterical and a lot of talk, because he's not the kind of hula-hula. He was interested in dating a woman who had a vision in his life. He was a hard worker, not easy Lustful if not you are forced. Faithful and not easy to fail in love. Once a darling on you, he'll keep it! Go for it girls!
7. LIBRA (September 23 -23 October) Tips to attract women Libra: Libra Women generally like to be invited to a place or a classical event. For example: marriage, classical concerts and all the things that completely elegant. She likes men who dress a bit formal. Give flowers / gifts of the feminine, she will be happy. She likes attention to fashion trends. Feminisnya nature is very strong. Sometimes a little sassy and flirtatious to other men, this does not mean go off you know! To be sure, she longed for a man who fit and be with him. If you've met, he will be loyal. Financial you should also be strong, because he really likes shopping. If you want to shoot him, before write romantic love poems for him. Tips to attract men Libra: Romantic guy that will take you to a romantic restaurant, the dim and expensive. At dinner with him, just smile and look cute pair. Her eyes were full assessment and mind against you. Use a scent of feminine perfume. Libra Men like women fashionable, wearing jewelry, dressing up and looking feminine. Nah! he was equal with men ngeresnya Gemini. He does not like confrontation, so do not ever argue with him. About their social life, he was pleased that favored a lot of friends and asked for his help. He likes to flirt girls! So better watch out. He's easy to trip over his love.
8. SCORPIO (24 October -21 November) Tips to attract women Scorpio: funky lady. Like the dark and black. Like invited to bars, discos and so forth. Not that he's not a good woman loh, just funky. Scorpio woman there are 2 kinds. One very religious, and one can deviate. He will not tell you much about him. So, you are have to guess. Do not scold him, I'll hit sap! Its not at all matronly. He's more likely that hyper happy party. Tips to attract men Scorpio: if you like things a secret, a man matching Scorpiolah! Careful, he's very passionate. But it is not necessarily a sign of love. Usually she fell in love or desperate once on you if he does not have you fully. He is easily jealous. Scorpio men have 2 types as well. One who will dominate you into their lives and are very loyal to you. The other one can run away from you without cause. For him, it is very important personality.
9. Sagittarius (November 22 -21 December) Tips to attract women Sagittarius: Women who can not be silent. Her hobbies sports and traveling. She likes to dress casual and casual men. Very many of her male friends. Amazingly, he gets along with them. Type the very engrossed in doing activities that are usually done man: for example, basketball, softball, bowling, playing guitar, singing and so on. He is not the type of people who spend their time in the kitchen or babysitting! If he likes to you, prepare yourself to be invited to perform activities with him. She loves freedom. Tips to attract men Sagittarius: Sagittarius Men generally berkebiasaan rubber hours. If he promised to pick you up at 6 pm, add another hour. She likes her flexible in speaking aka nag. Let him who expressed his love to you first. He's chasing the bone slam adventurous women, as well as his hobbies: fishing and sports. You should be able to perform the same activity with him.
10. CAPRICORN (22 December -19 January) Tips to attract women Capricorn: first time dating him, take it to expensive restaurants, romantic and classy and do not forget to bring flowers for her. She likes a man dressed in formal and classy. Capricorn woman is smart. He will not be competing with you, even more will help you move forward again. She likes expensive presents a memorable (slightly matre). As a career later, he was ambitious and will succeed. Like business meeting and a very dense schedule. Not easy to believe in men, so not to lose confidence in him. He'll be a brilliant wife who accompanied him if successful. He was able to become the pride of the prospective spouses. Tips to attract male Capricorn: If dating with him, you are should be more talkative. He will bring you to a place of high class, luxury car pick you up and treat you like a princess! Let him who opened the car door for you and so on. First come will be somewhat formal, but you are getting close to him later. If you often give him credit for what he accomplished, he would be open again and a lot to tell you. He is primitive in terms of courtship, such as age Siti Nurbaya term. He appreciates hard-working woman. Serious nature, so you can create an atmosphere that should be humorous and not tense, including dating. No word in the dictionary end his love.
11. AQUARIUS (January 20 -18 February) Tips to attract women Aquarius: while dating her, wear funky clothes. He could talk about anything, so also a good listener. Got a lot of opinions and perspectives. When first dating, do not expect him instantly liked you, you have to know further. Do you express love too fast. If he's committed to a relationship with you, meaning he will be loyal. The road you both have the same mind. If not, there will be no future. Tips to attract male Aquarius: 'll be lucky only once came with it. He does not tend to come here there dating. He would prefer your home and talk all night instead of going somewhere. If it works later, he can be rather stingy about money. He was very in love with freedomnya. If he fell in love, the intellect must have been in women, adults and high PDnya. If the woman has a goal or purpose in his life, he would be very interested. He does not care about skin color, religion, etc. your body weight. If you include a stubborn woman, forget about Aquarius male!
12. PISCES (February 19 -20 March) Tips to attract women Pisces: when first dating, you are free to wear whatever clothing. You are making your own decisions. Music and dancing are her favorite. If you can not, quickly take a dance class! Pisces woman does not care about your looks plus or minus, plus your heart is important. Kehumorisan you need. He also less PD and you need to raise this. He's easy to fall in love. Amazingly, he care to all those who treat him even though there is no good. Want to get it? To please her and be romantic. Support him, so much to know the meaning of purpose of his life, because he bertype moody and need extra attention. Tips to attract male Pisces: when first dating, you are deciding about to ask her where. She loves music and principled woman. He'll do what you tell. He is a fun and can give support to his friends. Pisces men are generally romantic, but do not like making big decisions. He's not smart to control money, you should become an example for him. I was so stupid, she would just give your wallet to hold. She likes romantic woman. She also likes her candle dinner with soft music accompaniment. He likes to show proficiency in your cooking. She always looks neat and will not embarrass you in public! if you've found the ideal partner, she would love the man and his love is not easily extinguished.


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