How I Make Money Blogging

It boggles the minds of many the first time that they’re told: “You can make money on the internet”. But, I don’t blame them. Despite the fact that it is extremely common by now, the idea is still quite astonishing in itself. My inbox stays flooded with mails, all the time. Other than the usual fan mails, it is usually others asking me how they can make money. I’ve been asked to give them a job in my “company”, sell my knowledge to them, etc.
I replied to one, two, a dozen, a few more, and then I stopped. Telling every person again and again to dig up a few links on my blog and providing them with relevant articles was becoming a pain. This is an all-in-one compilation of ‘How to make money on the internet by blogging?’ articles. Dance pal, your prayers have been answered.
You may refer to this obsolete post on making money that I wrote in 2008, it might give you some idea too. Please note that I’m not providing you a fool-proof plan to make money with blogging. This is just to give you an idea on how I make money on the internet, and how you can get started by copying following me.

How To Make Money By Blogging

Without further ado, here is a brief version of the whole ‘Make money blogging’ model:
  1. Choose a topic to blog about by finding a niche market.
  2. Research on the topic and find your target audience.
  3. Choose a blogging platform
  4. Get a domain. (optional)
  5. Edit the template and customize the theme if it is blogger or get a theme if it is wordpress.
  6. Start writing articles about the topic you chose in a systematic manner while maintaining a balance.
  7. Promote the blog to bring traffic. You can either go for free (long) methods or just purchase traffic.
  8. Monetize the blog.
This is the basic blogging model as it is and this is how you set you foot into the blogging world. All the hyper links in the list are referring to other articles on the blog that will further help you with that step.
The model is quite basic and it is mainly for newbies who want to know how the ‘make money blogging’ thing works. If you’re starting a blog or already started one then go through my post on anonymous blogging, spam comments or a fix on long post titles. Other than these the ‘blogging’ category is full of help for beginner bloggers.
Best of luck with your blogging venture. Oh, and if you start a new blog, don’t forget to link back. That’s how we spread love in the blogosphere


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