British Police Arrest Supporting Hacker WikiLeaks

British police arrest five men who regarded the United States and England, as hackers WikiLeaks supporters. The suspects are known to attack the parties that their value as an enemy from WikiLeaks. "The arrest is linked to the attack on 'distributed denial of service" (DDoS), by a group who call themselves Anonymous, "says the London Police in a statement quoted by Reuters on Friday (28/01/2011).

While in the U.S., the U.S. Federal Investigation (FBI) claims to have issued 40 arrest warrants, as part of the investigation of the attack made by Anonymous, via a software they make. The software can even be owned by the public for free download on the internet.

"The FBI continues to work with international law enforcement in order to minimize the effects of threats Anonymous," a statement from the FBI.

The FBI added it continues to expand the investigation to cooperate with law enforcement in the Netherlands, Germany and France.

DDoS attacks allows the network from the Internet as a server is attacked and caused it not able to work optimally for its users. This is done by Internet activists last month against websites that are considered as enemies to the site WikiLeaks.

The attack was to create a website owned by Visa and Mastercard, and the site of the Government of Sweden, can not operate.


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