The Best SEO Tips to Improve Website Traffic

In this day and age, the Internet has become the best and most quick way to earn. For a better earning, the basic point is a website that you must have in order to apply for different advertisement and affiliate programs. And for a website , you should have an average number of daily visitors. People do a lot of search through search engines. You will get a lot of traffic from search engines. So more your site has higher ranking in search engines, more visitor you can get.Search engines love fresh content sites and those which are free of errors. In order to optimize your website for better visibility in search engines, here are few SEO tips.

  1. First and most important thing you should do after having a website, is to submit your website in most popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and Search engines take some time to index your website. Especially google take a little bit exrta time.
  2. Put your site in Web Directories. Try to find those directories that have good PR( Pagerank from 0-10) like PR 3+ and if your site is indexed in that directory, your PR will increase. More PR you have, more top position in search engines you will have.
  3. Buy some links on high PR websites if you can. This will boost your website’s Page rank.
  4. Try to get lots of backlinks, this will also improve your site’s PR. Basically if you do a lot of posting on a forums and put a link to your website on your signature you should get some backlinks depending on how many posts you get.
  5. Build a sitemap for your website and submit it to google sitemaps. You can search on google for sitemap tools and you will get a lot of free online tools, which can create xml sitemap of your website.
  6. Exchange your website link to other website owners. They will have yours and you will have their. This will also give you some traffic.
  7. Use a clean and nice theme for your website. People mostly don’t like dark colored themes, and also not the very light colored.
  8. Keep your website up to date. So when a visitor come back to your website 2nd time, he should get something new and have a reason to come 3rd time. Search engines also love fresh content sites.
  9. Get some advertisement banner space on different websites. Or you can try google adwords. Your website will be advertise worldwide and your will get visitors.
  10. Find something interesting to put on your website, just to give some relax to your visitors. For example, you can put a game, google maps etc.
  11. Keep in touch with your website. Remember sooner or later, your website can give you a lot of cash.
  12. Be patient, Remember this is the most revered thing in web development.
I hope you can promot your website with the tips above. Remeber the last point i told you, every website need some time and effort to come on top on search engines. Once you have been promoted in popular search engines, you will get a lots of visitors and will have a lots of Page impressions of your adds.


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