How Blogging Through Android Market

Again, Google through its new App Easing Bloggers Users Especially For more easy to post something Through Android Service.
Recently, Google's Releases New Applications Through Free which can be Put On Your Android.
Have you ever wanted to write a quick blog post on the trip? Now there's an easy way to do this on your Android phone, Using this application can easily write a post, attach the photo you just took with your phone, and also save them as drafts for later or immediately publish to your blog. If you are a user of Android, you can start using Blogger application today by downloading free here:
Android Market
For those of you who have long struggled in the world especially Blogspot Blog, certainly no need to explain how posts and so forth, because it provided the same features exactly like you used via computer. Simply install application and then after that Please Login With Your Blogger Account Then you are taken directly to Main Page and you are ready to Blogging.


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