Golden Way, the words of Mario Teguh motivation. Good People, Good Rejekinya Also

Youth who are not used to improves itself, will become a STILL young adulthood, but the weak and full of anxiety. Only twenty years after the teenage years, we already have to pay the expensive cost of neglecting our youth. Consider how many people are actually young adults, who today fear the future. Do not experiment with your life.
Do not let the past control the present you, because he will also control your future. ... Do not imitate those who choose to enjoy the suffering of the past, instead of enjoying a happy and productive. Never again allow regret past peace rob you of real life. Live fully today, you are entitled to be happy.
My Lord, accept my heart is glad because now I understand, if I'm fully willing to surrender and my life to You, verily I no longer have myself and my own life .... With it, myself and my life are yours, so you will not forget me, will not let me sad, and certainly will improve the life and membahagiakanku. God, I'm Yours, I bahagiakanlah.
When you are angry because of insult or betrayal of someone, before you retaliate and hurt people, think for a moment, ... Does your revenge, is more detrimental to you or in his favor? Do not go down and apply similarly low. Maybe he's the sort of useless people that you should ignore. Focus continued life with the souls you love and who love you.
Have you ever experienced this: The man who was a friend, partner, lover, or life partner, but after the split, . they were then busy talking and trying to humble you? If yes, damailah It is God's way to show that you are very lucky not to stay in touch with them. Let us pray that God will preserve us from envy people who malevolent.
Friends of my heart, Do not work hard to convince people who do not believe you .... Work hard to prove that you believe is pembaik your life and the lives of those you serve. Start with your own life improves. If you are not good for yourself, you can not possibly be good for anyone.
My God, love of my life. Now I understand, my heart will never feel at peace when I'm always trying to control ... all things and and every incident in my life. Beautiful road towards peace my life is knowing the circumstances and events that I should ignore that I only think and do is important. God, always guard me in the sense that attention to my life. Amen
There are people who collect and carry the debris of failure in the past, to obstruct his journey into the future. What happened in the past is a lesson for strengthening you, and should not be used as a burden and Weakness your efforts today. Peace with YOUR PAST. ... Be a private, peaceful, honest, and work hard for a better future.
"The affluent of the dishonest way, the weak human eye is a role model, but in view of God is a great wealth of the poor is a marker of the amount of punishment. Poor people treasure but still honest and sincere, good in the human eye is a tough character who must follow, and dala ... m view of God is the rich that their wealth is not understood by humans. "
My best friend is his generosity to determine goodness of life, knowledge is most needed by those who complain of sustenance, is knowing that thoughts, attitudes, and actions that are not good SURE cancel sustenance. ... Once we are more obedient, sustenance becomes very logical. Because, GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD sustenance.

My best friend is his sincerity determine the quality of provision, Ikhlas is simple, we just accept that occur as a command to repair itself, and immediately to do what we know to be true. The difficult part is LEAVING COMFORT of habit to be valid and which have not mendamaik ... an and strengthen. Super formula: DELAY Ikhlas = PROCEED restless
Friends of my heart, do not be afraid to feel disappointed because other people do not appreciate your kindness. Let us fear of disappointing God for avoiding behavior that makes us GOOD PEOPLE, who became REASON FOR GOD TO IMPROVE OUR sustenance .... The best man is useful for others, and the best payer is God. Ikhlas is beautiful!
Peace will be the color of your heart, if you stop the pursuit of worldly wealth to pride themselves on top of your neighbor. ... Life is surely meant to heed your neighbor's heart, because only with it you become valuable in God's sight. Kegelisahanmu Do it just to reach that yet you have. Gelisahlah if you have not been beneficial to your neighbor.
I stood stunned audiences attention frenzied pursuit of wealth as kegemerlapan and adore each other ... rating. Maintaining the Lord Almighty, my heart Take away the interest to mimic the way that glitter deceive, make peace my soul in the beauty of love, honesty, and respect for others and nature. Set me free from persecution that is not mendekatkanku to you. Amen
If you want to get out of a sense of anger and gelisahmu, do not you wage envy in your heart when you see someone else more capable than you .... Do not speak bitterly and arbitrarily impute injustice to them, and blame everything that you do not understand the cause of your pain. Already well do you? Ikhlaskanlah yourself to be a good person who easily dibaikkan his life by God.


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