Communicating With the Dead

Watch Oprah Winfrey Show this morning with the topic of psychic, divination and communication with the dead makes me sleepless nights. In the earlier impressions, there are indeed some people who have excess / skill to be able to see the future. This is a basic must have a psychic to get in touch with people who have died.
The analogy just as a surgeon, she should have basic first as a general practitioner. Another requirement that must-have is that he must have a strong belief against the occult. Further, that they are in nature there is energy. Just as we are there in this world is energy, too. Just a different frequency. One more difference, is we have a body / bodies, while they are detached from his body (death) and now the only living soul alone. So they are difficult to communicate with us because of the limitations of courts. So, it could be paranormal mediator. Paranormal can capture the frequency of those 'low' in particular ways that ultimately could 'feel' to communicate with them.
From earlier impressions, there is some evidence that the living can communicate with the dead. For example, the psychic could know these things private / secret was only known by the testers and the dead are calling.
One benefit of being able to communicate with dead people are able to uncover a crime difficult to solve. If the perpetrator or the motive is not met, just ask the victims of murder, so simpelnya.
Anyway, my husband also happened to watch his show. So fitting going to bed I said before if one of us dies first, fun, we can still talk ... Then I said, if Papa please get there first glimpse of love how the situation there. So let us in the world who really know what to do. Because now difficult nentuin which should be followed. Many who claim to be teaching "The Way To Heaven". The one name can aja thousands of versions. So remember that bloom in the TV news lately become. About the cult. It also must claim the true teachings. Then I also ask, why psychics do not talk with the prophets? Asked about the teaching / story of the Prophet who actually like. So let me be delivered to people today, I'll not fight continues, equally stubborn perceive each other to maintain his opinions about religion. Continue to let us know what to do in the real world what. What kind of worship. What Jihad is kayaking.
Indeed to this day I still find a way to towards him. The way I'm sure one day would see you. I want to serve Him with my belief sesempurnanya. Not for customs / habits my neighborhood or doctrines. But based on science. Sense that I use. For God also says in the Qur'an that He wrath against those who do not use their minds. Currently, the new I can do is try not to harm anyone. That's it first.


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