Avoid Warts on the Penis, With Vaccines

Danger warts in men is often viewed trivial so received less attention. But research has shown, warts vaccine in men has many benefits that protect sex organs of cancer risk.

The virus that causes warts is the Human papilloma virus (HPV) which is the type of virus which can trigger cervical cancer (cervix) in women. This type of cancer seriously affected the reproductive female, ranging from difficulties have offspring until the removal of the uterus.

In men, this strain also can lead to cancer, especially in the penis and anus. However, compared with cervical cancer in women, the risk of penile and anal cancer in men is much smaller, so often ignored.

Still, warts, especially genital warts can be transmitted from men to women through sexual contacts. Men who have genital warts can transmit the virus to sexual partners, and could trigger a more dangerous than measles itself ie warts cervical cancer in their partners.

Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently recommended the HPV vaccine in men. Although this vaccine is commonly given to women, the AAP to recommend the vaccine initiative similar to the new guy the first time.

These recommendations are based on the results of research conducted by Anna Giuliano, PhD from the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa, Florida. In this study, Giuliano revealed HPV vaccines have many benefits in men.

Research involving more than 4,000 sexually active men and 16-26 year-old reveals, HPV vaccine can provide protection against HPV infection wantu term until 6 months after delivery. Protective effect is not obtained in the study were volunteers who just get a placebo.

In men, this vaccine is to have some extra benefits. In addition to protect men from infection with HPV can cause genital warts and penile and anal cancers, this vaccine also prevents automatic transmission from men to women with HPV through sexual activity.

"He is an important component in the cycle of transmission of HPV in women, through unprotected sex was doing," said Prof. Demetrius Porsche, content experts from Louisiana State University, as quoted by CNN.


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