Tips on How to Open a Website / Web Site Blocked

When we're busy-busy browsing the internet sometimes there are sites that we can not access because of a good thing by accident, such as the Internet or network connection decided deliberately to restrict the use of the Internet users.
Should this method not be used to access the link web sites that are prohibited by any government or prohibited by other authorities such as the manager of the campus, school administrators, computer lab manager, manager of the cafe, hotspot management, isp, and so forth.
Kinds / Types Web Sites Frequently Blocked: - Porn Website - Social networking sites - Site copyright violators - Play games online / gamenet - Chatting on the internet - Site slander, propaganda, harassment, etc..
How to block open access is easy because the only use the services of a third party website to help us open road with a proxy. Open the sample sites below and enter the url link web sites that we want to visit but can not.
- - - - - - - etc.
In this way too we can surf in cyberspace safely because the information about where we access the Internet, record visit, our personal information, etc. can be suppressed well. But there may be some sites that do not want to accept these connections. Also do not use this technique to a crime / crimes because that would be revealed as well.


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