Internet Explorer 8.0 XP

Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of the web browser similar to the most comfortable to wear, help you get anything from the web faster, easier, and safer than ever.
  • Faster Internet Explorer 8 is more responsive to a page and new tabs open faster and more reliable. You can now get the information you want most in a much shorter; access webmail, favorite news sites, or other online services with just one click.
  • Easier Reduce the number of steps to accomplish many common tasks, and automate access to real-time information updates. You can keep track favorite sports team, news, weather with just one click.
  • More Private Helps protect your personal and confidential information, no matter where you go on the web.
  • More Secure Helps protect and stop malicious software to attack your PC and make it easier to detect the falsity of a website.


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