How Tweet Post Auto - Submit Articles to the Twitter Automatic

Submit articles automatically to twitter or tweet posting updates automatically on every new post on the blog is one way to promote your blog that much in use by the bloggers in increasing visitor traffic.
Submit post to twitter it manually is not practical because it will take time and require login every time you tweet or submit a new post.
At the moment I am exploring the menu feedburner, so many tools or useful features that can be used to help increase blog traffic and one of them is automatically post updates to twitter - tweet updates automatically post to twitter that can be done simply by adding the twitter account to Feedburner and Feedburner will do the next post on our blog tweet automatically without requiring you to login again to twitter, practical right?
It is very easy, but first we have to have registered in feedburnur and burn in feedburner blog feed. If my friend has not enable feedburner please see how the page how to list your blog to feedburner. If you have, it's time for setting up the feedburner can do automatic post tweets to twitter account as follows:
  1. Log into feedburner, 
  2. Click the name or title of your feed below FEED TITLE, such as the title or name is on the feedburner blog feed: PanduanDanTutorialGratis, 
  3. Click the "Publicize", click the "Socialize" under SERVICES, 
  4. Click Add a Twitter account, you will be asked to login to your twitter, sikakan login. 
  5. Now see if your twitter account has appeared above the button Add a Twitter account earlier, 
  6. At the Post content:, select the Title and Body and other parts let alone, 
  7. If completed, see her preview videos Preview Sample below, click on Save up to its status becomes active.
If the above steps have been done properly, then every time you make a new post will be automatically tweet.
In addition to the above, this method can also be done using web services. Do you have an easier way?


I did this, it was OK for a while, now Feedburner doesn't post my new articles.

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