How to Sign Up Google Adsense

Like the day before yesterday I promise that I will try to discuss about google adsense, and this time it is about ways to register. But before stepping on to the main topic of how to register in google adsense there are some things or rather I call tips how to blog more likely to be accepted a member of Google Adsense, because it is not rare that the blog owners who want to join this program was cured caused the google adsense rejected from the membership itself.
Who need to remember is these tips that I give is not an absolute thing, if done will be 100 percent guarantee my friend received in google adsense, but is simply a tips for consideration pal all. Well, below I provide some tips for faster on receipt by the Google adsense:
Speak English  
Blogs that have been registered to google adsense have a primary language English, because English is the language Supported by adsense, who needs to know is if we are accepted by adsense, we can store the ad code on another blog of ours, not limited to blogs that have been registered. So just to pass the selection, should make the first English-language blogs. What if I do not speak English and certainly do not have a blog that speaks english? first mate do not give up hope, please try first to register their blogs on adsense because it has a lot of blogs that indosesia language can be accepted by adsense.
There have been many posts articles
Usually this is often the case, a new blog so and only contain one or two posts only articles already been registered to adsense. We recommend that you first fill out his blog a few posts of articles, already have at least 10 pieces of articles before trying to register on adsense.
Design blogs should be neat
Should Arrange the first blog that will have been registered to adsense, Google adsense although that does not require that the register is a website or blog that is professional, but adsense does not want his ads on the blog so impressed at the design origin.
Blogs existing patrons That our blog has any visitors, at least it has already been visited by 100 visitors. Besides the need to remember this is a business Google adsense is a business that relies heavily on the blog visitor, it's useless if we already have adsense ads but was still empty of visitors. Visit her blog for many visitors we would have to promote fun to and fro and the contents of our blog in a sense there is something useful for the visitors of the blog.
Maybe it just had a few tips from me for your blog are more likely to be accepted by Google Adsense. Are you ready to sign up for google adsense? Well, please follow the steps below: 

  1. To sign up for adsense you can click on the banner at the top right of this blog 
  2.  After being on the Google Adsense site, please click the dropdown button located on the top and choose Indonesian to be more understood by us. 
  3.  Click on Sign up now 
  4.  There are several forms that must be filled: 
  • Website URL [?] -> Content with my friend the URL address. Example: 
  • Language on the website -> click dropdownnya menu, and select the primary language of your blog, English or Indonesian
  • Account Type: [?] -> Select the individual 
  •  Country or region: -> select Indonesia (adjust the residence pal) 
  •  Name of payee -> fill with full name pal. This is important, not in brief. For example: Rohman Abdul Manap do in a short so Rohman AM 
  •  Address: -> fill with full address mate
  • City: -> fill in the name of the town where my friend lived. For example: bandung 
  • State: -> no need, is specific to American
  • Postal Code: [?] -> Fill with postal code 
  • Phone: -> fill with my friend the phone number 
  • Under the policy paper, please buddy check all the little box that contains the agreement that my friend agrees 
  • Click on Submit Information      
      5. Done.

The next step is to wait for a shipment email from google adsense, and during that time please pray for uncle google can be pleased to receive my friend.

For a list of ways I feel quite so first, please forward to the next article.


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