How right Care Getting rid of Acne

There are some of us who experienced occasional acne, due to forget to clean your face, or eating certain foods. But there is also the rest of his life must be willing to look at skin irritations and acne. The skin on the nose and cheeks look inflamed, reddish, or there are holes acne scars. Can this be cured skin?
Turned out to be. To get the proper care, you are able to directly consult with a physician. But you also have to get used to conduct routine maintenance to eliminate the habit of treating the wrong skin. In addition, the key is patience, because the fix is a chronic skin condition of course that takes time. Try performing the following steps:
1. Eliminate the wrong habits Never use something greasy and heavy on the hair or your face. "I once had a patient that applying vitamin E oil on their skin, and then wondering why acne begins to appear," said Pat Wexler, a dermatologist from New York.
2. Investigate your lifestyle Stress, Insomnia, taking birth control pills are not regular, fertility treatments or drugs antidepressants, may turn off the hormones and cause acne. "Pil-control pills can make a big difference if you tend to acne when you're menstruating," says Katie Rodan, also a dermatologist, who is based in Oakland, California.
3. Exempt clogged pores Wash your face twice a day, and once again if you just finished exercising. Exfoliate with a gel containing salicylic acid, AHA, or retinoids.

4. Eliminate bacteria Apply antibacterial products (such as benzoyl peroxide, tee tree oil, or sulfur) to the entire face, even if your skin is normal. "Acne affects every kelenjak oil on the face," says San Francisco dermatologist Kathy Fields. "Therefore you must treat the entire area of the face." Try: Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer.
5. Stop the inflammation Be careful if there is irritation of the skin, as this will make the acne worse. Restore skin smoothness with treatment to soothe the skin. To eliminate the inflammation, which is usually characterized by skin redness on the nose and cheeks, you can try a treatment with a prescription such as Finacea or MetroGel. Try: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF15.

6. Perform maintenance regimen for at least 8 weeks Treatment regimens usually consist of three steps: soap mild, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and a good moisturizer to moisturize dry skin due to the use of benzoyl peroxide. At the beginning of this treatment, usually slightly pimpled skin will initially caused by the act of cleansing and exfoliation on the skin surface. Within 8 weeks, routine maintenance is typically begin to show its effectiveness.

7. Do not touch the skin of the face This "disease" we are: if the skin feels rough or pimpled face, we just wanted to keep touching it. "Leave it, acne will usually disappear within 8 days," said Wexler. "But when you squeeze, you will need three to four weeks to heal." A dermatologist can remove acne in 24 hours with a cortisone injection. But if you make yourself at home, try reducing the swelling of the face with cortisone cream, benzoyl peroxide, ice, aspirin, or ibuprofen.
8. Use concealer Use a little concealer containing foundation; select a concealer with a yellowish color to neutralize the redness. Take a little concealer with a fluffy brush with tapered tip, dab the acne first, then widened to the outside. Press the concealer in the area (not rub), then end with the use of a light powder.


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