Accelerating the way Speedy Connection

For speedy customer enraged because of his connections are often very slow, quiet, no solution is best for you and proven successful speed speedy connection, only with 2 easy ways, hopefully succeed yes:

The first way:

Experiments on tp-link modem

* Log into the modem settings,

* Click the Advanced Setup

* Click on ADSL, and select Mode ADSL, ADSL2 + and would initially be replaced G. DMT, then click save, wait aa few moments browsing again .

The second way:

* After doing the first way and then go to control panel and select Network Connections

* Right click on LAN or Wireless Network Connection and select Properties. it depends you use LAN or WIFI

* Then click on Internet protocol (TCP / IP) click properties

* Then select the Use the Following DNS server addresses

* Enter the preferred DNS server:

* Enter the Alternate DNS server:

* and click ok

* then right click on the image at the bottom right network our computer screen, then select repair, and then prove that the speed was definitely faster than the previous speed.



Control the results of the above-cob try and it worked fast too.

UPDATE DNS Minor Tweaks:

please try it yourself speed. If still slow also means you are not lucky, the person who tinkers again yes mate.


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