If the sugar level in your blood is high, should not be allowed. You need plenty of exercise and manage your diet. Moreover, if in your family, have ever suffered from diabetes.
There are five types of foods that should be shunned for the diabetics. This is to avoid the increasing levels of sugar in your blood. 

1. Noodles and Pasta Most of the pastas and noodles have a high glycemic index. This means that pasta and noodles made with refined simple carbohydrates such as wheat or rice flour. High carbohydrate consumption can increase blood sugar levels.

2. Rice Reduce consumption of white rice because the carbohydrate content is very high. You can replace it, with rice from brown rice and brown rice.
3. Caffeine Several studies one of them entitled "Diabetes Care" was written by Hudson Lee and Kilpatrick in 2005 indicates caffeine has negative effects on diabetics. For that, it would be jikaAnda reduce beverages that contain caffeine.

4. Potato Carbohydrate content in potatoes is high, making glikemiknya index is also high. To that end, reduce the consumption of potatoes, either baked, boiled or fried.
5. White bread Reduce consumption of bread made from white flour. Better to choose bread made from wheat flour. Besides having a lot of fiber is also good for your heart.


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